University of Portsmouth (2019 – present)

Modules Taught

Business Logistics Management - a brand new module (Module Coordinator)

Business Operations and Systems Management 

Business Operations and Systems Management (DA) (Module Coordinator)

Operations Management 

Critical Thinking and Research Methods


Middle East Technical University (2014 – present)

Courses Taught

IE265 Introduction to Probability

IE451 Decision Analysis

IE4907 Special Topics in IE: Multi-objective Combinatorial Optimization

EM 501 Accounting and Engineering Economics

EM 525 Behavioural Decision Analysis

EM 531 Engineering Economy and Investment Management

TED University (2013-2014)

Courses Taught

MATH 230 Introduction to Probability Theory

MATH 111 Calculus of One Variable

IE 222 Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis

Aalto University School of Business (2013-2014)

Courses Assisted

Tools for Business Decisions 1

Aalto University School of Economics (2010)

Courses Assisted

Tools for Business Decisions 2

Middle East Technical University (2005-2011)

Courses Assisted

Operational Research I-III

Production and Service Operations Planning II


Quality Planning & Control

Engineering Statistics II

Inventory Planning Problems

Decision Analysis

Topics in Supply Chain Management